At The Age Of 14

“To Clear A Piece Of Forest Remained All Day”

“We Grubbed, Plowed, Mowed, And Worked Together Barefooted In The Field”

At The Age Of 17

“He Received Thirty-seven Cents A Day”

At The Age Of 18

“How I Earned My First Dollar”

At The Age Of 19

“His Pay Was Eight Dollars A Month And Board”

At The Age Of 21

Started For Illinois

“He Worked At Odd Jobs”

At The Age Of 22

“Sixty Dollars To Make The Trip To New Orleans”,March,1831

“On April 19 They Reached The Town Of New Salem”

“Early In May They Reached New Orleans”

“In June Started Across Illinois On Foot”

“Return To New Salem In August, 1831”

“Lincoln Was Hired To Pilot The Vessel Through To The Illinois River”

Lincoln was placed as a clerk in New Salem

At The Age Of 23

“They Were Paid Forty Dollars Each”

“I Believed He was Thoroughly Honest”

At The Age Of 24

“As surveyor under Calhoun”

On May 7, 1833, Lincoln was Commissioned Postmaster

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At The Age Of 23

“The Hearty Support Of His Neighbors At New Salem,” in 1832

At The Age Of 25

“His second race for the Legislature” in 1834

At The Age Of 27

In 1836, Candidate For The Legislature Again

At The Age Of 29

In 1838,Lincoln Was Again Elected To The Legislature

At The Age Of 31

In 1840, Last Campaign For The Legislature

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At The Age Of 28

In March, 1837, He was Licensed to Practice Law

Became the Partner of John T. Stuart

At The Age Of 32

April 14, 1841, Associated with Stephen T. Logan

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March 4, 1861

“Lincoln, Only Fifty-two, Tall and Energetic”


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