The Best Men


Tolstoy on Lincoln     

By The World, New York, February 7, 1908


“Now He Belongs to the Ages”

By Edwin M. Stanton , April 15, 1865


“Comes Very Near being a Perfect Man”

By Edward Bates,Attorney General


“The Greatest Character Since Christ”

By John Hay , September 5, 1866


“I Believe the Hand of God Placed him Where he is”

By John Hay , August 7, 1863


“If He had been Alive”

“Lincoln will Reach the Higher Position in History”

By William H. Seward ,April 20,1865


“His Frank, Genial, Generous Face and Direct Simplicity of Bearing, Took all Hearts.” 

By Salmon P. Chase , August 6, 1862


“How Could one Avoid Liking Such a Man”

“He Really Seemed of another World”

“He’s the Best Man I Ever Knew or Ever Expect to Know”

By David D. Porter , April 4, 1865


“Of all the Men I Ever Met”

By William T. Sherman , March 28, 1865


“the chosen chief magistrate of this great people”

By William Pitt Fessenden , 1865


“His Greatness Was Peculiar”

By John Bigelow


“Such are the True Leaders of the Nation”

By William Cullen Bryant, 1860


“Mount Vernon and Springfield”

By Marquis de Chambrun , April 9, 1865

“Remained with me and has Never Left Me”

By John Sanford Barnes, April 15, 1865


“That Rail-splitting Lawyer is One of the Wonders of the Day”

By Charles Francis Adams, Jr., March 7, 1865


“Like a Mountain Pine High above the Others”

By Frederick Douglass, March 4, 1865


“The Memory of that Scene has Never been Effaced”

By Charles A. Leale,  April 14, 1865



“He has Fascinated me for Years”

Emil Ludwig,”Abraham Lincoln: And the Times that Tried His Soul”


“The More I Read, The More Fascinated I Became”

Dale Carnegie,“Lincoln, the Unknown”


“The Fascination of Abraham Lincoln”

Doris Kearns Goodwin,“Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln”




“He is Capable of More than that”

By George Harding, 1862


“He would Break down and Weep Bitterly”

By Edwin M. Stanton,By Horace Porter,April, 1865

Abraham Lincoln in “The Problem of Thor Bridge”

By Arthur Conan Doyle