“Send him to her, By all Means”

April 14. 1864


“I Plucked a Thistle and Planted a Flower”

By Joshua Fry Speed, Feb. 24 1865

“If I cannot Find some Excuse”

By Leonard Swett, January 17, 1866


“I am going to Pardon that Young Soldier”

By John B. Alley,January 26, 1865


“I have two, and You have None”



“His Whole Face Showing Sympathetic Feeling”

By John S. Barnes,  March 25, 1865


“Saying a Friendly Word to each Wounded Man”

By Francis B. Carpenter,By Marquis de Chambrun, April 8, 1865


“My Heart is Like Lead within me”

November 18, 1863


“Not Returning the Salute of the Sentinel Before the Door”

October 21, 1861


“This was a Step From the Sublime”

By David D. Porter, April 1, 1865.


“You ‘ll be Taken Good Care Of”

By Horace Porter, April 1, 1865.


“I Could not have Slept well to-night”

By Joshua Fry Speed


“If I have one Vice”

By Egbert L. Viele, May 5, 1862.