“The Wording Of His Acceptance Was Remarkably Cool”

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Reply to Notification Committee 

[March 1, 1865]
Having served four years in the depths of a great, and yet unended national peril, I can view this call to a second term, in nowise more flatteringly to myself, than as an expression of the public judgment, that I may better finish a difficult work, in which I have labored from the first, than could any one less severely schooled to the task.

In this view, and with assured reliance on that Almighty Ruler who has so graceously sustained us thus far; and with increased gratitude to the generous people for their continued confidence, I accept the renewed trust, with it’s yet onerous and perplexing duties and responsibilities.

Please communicate this to the two Houses of Congress.

Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.

The wording of his acceptance was remarkably cool. “I regard this nomination for a second term of office, by no means as a personal compliment, but only as an expression of the general view that I am perhaps better fitted to carry a difficult task to a conclusion than might be one who had not been so severely trained for it.” 

By Emil Ludwig,”Abraham Lincoln: And the Times that Tried His Soul”  Ludwig-398-14