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“It very Often Happens”
“There won’t be any Fun till I Get there”
“You are a little Rosebud Yourself”
“A Mere Breathless Running of the Gauntlet”
November 18, 1863

“If they do Kill me I shall never Die Again”
January 31, 1861


“And Generally Says What he Means”
“There’s One of my Children that isn’t Dead yet”

“When it was Ripe we did not Harvest it”
“The Debtor Assumed to be Crazy”
“This Amendment is a King’s Cure for all the Evils”
Feb. 1. 1865


“I should not have all my Eggs in the Same Basket”

“Lincoln wouldn’t be Recognized down in Springfield”
By Egbert L. Viele, May 5, 1862

“I Confess I Rather Like it myself”

By William T. Sherman , July 23, 1861

 “Is that not Putting the Cart Before the Horse?”

By National Republican, June 8, 1864



“God Tempers the Wind to the Shorn Lamb”  Letter to Mary Speed (Sept 27,1841)

Sept. 27th. 1841

Letter to Joshua Speed (August 24, 1855)

August 24, 1855


“Especially If it be a Black Sheep”

April 18, 1864


“But It’s not all the Truth”

By Matilda Johnston


“He Fell Into His Old Habit Of Telling Amusing Stories”

By Orville H. Browning, June 12, 1860


“He Was Playful And Sportive As A Child”

By Henry C. Whitney,  July 26, 1861


“To Laugh At Such Frivolous Jests”

By Charles A. Dana, October 11, 1864


“His Love Of Fun”

By Leonard Swett, January 17, 1866


“His Wit And Rich Humor Had Free Play”

by John Hay


“He Had An Illustration For Everything”

By David D. Porter , 1865

“The President Had Some Quaint Remarks”

By David D. Porter , 1865

“He Was One Of The Most Interesting Men I Ever Met”

By David D. Porter , 1865


“This Little Scrap Amused Him Exceedingly”

By Egbert L. Viele, May 5, 1862


“The Aptness Of Which Was Always Perfect”



“He Reeled Off One Humorous Anecdote After Another”

March 27, 1861


“For Each One A Cordial Greeting And A Pleasant Word”

June 20, 1864






“Lincoln Was Invariably The Center Of Attention”



By Doris Kearns Goodwin

“Lincoln Possessed An Extraordinary Ability”



Telling Stories

At The Age Of 21

His First Attempt At Public Speaking



Petroleum V. Nasby

George Gordon Byron


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