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John Hay: the Assisant Private Secretary 

“The Greatest Character Since Christ”

By John Hay , September 5, 1866


“I Believe The Hand Of God Placed Him Where He Is”

By John Hay , August 7, 1863


“What a Man it is!”

By John Hay,   April 30, 1864.


“He was Fond of Reading Aloud.”

By John Hay


“His Wit And Rich Humor Had Free Play”

by John Hay


Charles A. Dana: Assistant Secretary of War


“To Laugh At Such Frivolous Jests”

By Charles A. Dana, October 11, 1864


“The Striking Thing about him was his Affection for the Child.”

By Charles A. Dana


“It’s Best to Let him Run”

By Charles A. Dana, April 14, 1865


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