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Edwin M. Stanton:  the Secretary of War

“He is the Rock on the Beach of Our National Ocean”

By George W. Julian, By Owen Lovejoy


“If Stanton Said I was a Damned Fool”

By George W. Julian, By Owen Lovejoy


“Act From a Favorite Child”

By Leonard Grover


Lincoln Appointed Stanton as Secretary of War

By George F. Harding, January 13, 1862


“He is Capable of More than That”

By George Harding, 1862


“Spoke very Kindly of General Lee and Others”

By Edwin M. Stanton , April 14, 1865


“Now He Belongs to the Ages”

By Edwin M. Stanton , April 15, 1865


“He Would Break Down and Weep Bitterly”

By Edwin M. Stanton,By Horace Porter,April, 1865



William H. Seward:  the Secretary of State

“Mr. Lincoln’s unselfish magnanimity”

By John G. Nicolay, April 1, 1861


“If He had been Alive”

By William H. Seward ,April 20,1865


“Lincoln will Reach the Higher Position in History”

By William H. Seward ,April 20,1865


Salmon P. Chase:  the Secretary of Treasury

“I would not Hesitate a Moment”

By Henry Wilson, By John G. Nicolay, By John Hay, December 1864


“I Know Meaner Things about Governor Chase”

By Noah Brooks, December 1864


“I should have been Recreant to my Convictions of Duty”

By John B. Alley, December 1864


“I should Despise myself”

By Augustus Frank, By Francis B. Carpenter, December 1864


“Would Rather have Swallowed his Buckhorn Chair”

By Gideon Welles,By Zachariah T. Chandler, December 1864


“His Frank, Genial, Generous Face and Direct Simplicity of Bearing, Took all Hearts.” 

By Salmon P. Chase , August 6, 1862


Edward Bates: Attorney General

“Comes Very Near Being a Perfect Man”

By Edward Bates


Gideon Welles : the Secretary of the Navy

“He Shook his Hands as if Scaring Sheep”

By Gideon Welles, April 14, 1865


“The Debtor Assumed to be Crazy”

By Gideon Welles


“When it was Ripe We did not Harvest It.”

By Gideon Welles


Simon Cameron: the Secretary of War

To the Senate and House of Representatives 

May 26, 1862


“Cameron Gratefully Remembered”

By John G. Nicolay and John Hay


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